Go Green

"The American Dream is Going Green."

Going Green may sound like a concept for people who take environmentalism to an extreme, but the reality is that everyone can take basic steps to minimize their environmental impact and Go Green. Going Green can increase the healthiness of a home's environment and save money on high utility costs. You can also take major steps and install home systems to realize the maximum efficiency of a home. The city of San Diego has recently announced a plan to minimize the amount of treated water being dumped into the ocean by recycling it back into the water supply. You can take similar actions at home with some basic systems, like a grey water recycling system. As energy rates increase, you can also invest into the energy efficiency of your home. Some people may not be ready to make major lifestyle changes but are tired of seeing their lawn dry up, drought tolerant landscaping is a simple low maintenance way to start going green. A landscaping do-over can improve curb appeal for many homes and there are several government incentives to help cover the cost of going green.


If you would like to know how you can incorporate an energy efficient mortgage or energy retrofit into the purchase of your next home, please contact us to discuss the available programs and strategies.

Here are some upcoming blog posts on how our local community is going green and how you can too:

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